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  • Baroque golden pearl necklace

    A charming minimal necklace with one inimitable baroque pearl with natural golden shades hanging on a 14k yellow gold chain. Baroque pearls are pearls with a non-spherical shape. Those beautiful gems of the sea are believed to offer protection to the wearer, as well as attract good luck and wealth. Golden pearl chain necklace custom made in our workshop in Athens. Impressive necklace in 14k yellow gold chain with a very special golden natural baroque freshwater pearl 12mm. The length of this beautiful pearl necklace is 46.0 cm/ 18.11 inches.
  • Tahitian round black pearl necklace

    14k yellow gold statement chain necklace with a natural saltwater dark gray pearl hanging, with extraodinary metallic natural shades! Pearls are a symbol of wisdom gained through experience, they are offering protection as they attract good luck and wealth. Grey saltwater pearls are significantly more unusual (and therefore more valuable) than freshwater pearls and are extremely beautiful and interesting. This necklace can be ordered at any length, upon request. Custom made in our workshop in Athens
  • V shape diamond necklace

    Elegance arises from this 18k solid gold chain necklace with a diamond pendant and a 18k gold extra chain ending on one diamond, hand made in our workshop in Athens, Greece. A feminine diamond jewelry, the perfect choice for a spring’s birthday gift or just a spontaneous gift expressing your love! It comes with a beautiful jewelry box and gift package.
  • Emerald and diamond dynamic bar necklace

    18 carats yellow gold stylish necklace : an ornate line dressed by three emeralds with vivid green color (total weight 0.15 cts.) and four white diamonds (total weight 0.06 cts.) ending in a solid gold chain. The birthstone of May emerald, carries the rich green color of spring, radiates a beautiful vivid tone. It is considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love.
  • 8 green agate charm necklace


    Elegant and impressive short necklace with 8 drop shaped green agates totally hand made by the Greek jewelry designer Dolly Boucoyannis

  • Pink tourmaline and south sea pearl long necklace

    A lovely long light pink and white necklace made in 18kt yellow gold and one big South Sea white pearl attached to a pink oval tourmaline. The long necklace is made with smaller fresh water pearls and small pink tourmaline beads

    Hand made by Dolly Boucoyannis

  • Blue topaz long bar necklace

    18k yellow gold chain necklace with a long bar covered with nine mineral topaz in light blue colour.

    Blue topaz symbolises honesty, clarity of feelings and deep emotional attachment

  • Eleven diamond bar chain necklace

    18k white and rose gold chain necklace with a long bar design covered with white diamonds, weight 0.30 cts.
  • Three hanging stars diamond necklace

    18k rose gold necklace with a side bar with intricate patterns with diamonds and three rose gold stars hanging gracefully.
  • Nine diamond white chain necklace


    An easy-to-wear brilliant white diamond chain necklace: 18k white gold long chain with nine natural white diamonds weighting 0.24 cts.
    The birthstone of April diamond brings you balance, clarity and abundance.

  • Line bar necklace with diamonds and turquoise


    18k pink gold necklace with a long bar design covered with brown diamonds weight 0.20 cts. and an oval mineral turquoise eye design on the side with white diamond surrounding weight 0.06 cts.
    Impressive but at the same time discreet necklace with an slanting bar with mineral brown and white diamonds, an oval-shaped turquoise tied in a rose gold 18k chain

  • V 9 diamond chain necklace

    18k rose gold chain necklace with "V" minimalistic design dressed with nine white diamonds weight in total 0.26 cts.