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  • Vintage Ruby and diamond stacking ring

    Vintage style 18k pink gold ruby diamond ring that resembles to a crown or a flower wreath with three white diamonds in total weight 0.07 cts and deep red rubies in total weight 0.12 cts. This beautiful ring can be worn on itself but also combined with other band rings. Ruby, the birthstone of July, is considered the king of gems represents love, health and wisdom. It was believed wearing a fine red Ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner. Ring size : In our workshop this ring can be created at any size.
  • Pearl and diamond wire ring

    Handmade 18kt gold ring with a white freshwater pearl and a tiny diamond on the side. Elegant, simple and solid structure by Greek designer Dolly Boucoyannis.
  • Double line 18k rose gold stylish ring with white diamonds

    Pink gold ring with a beautiful minimal design custom made in our workshop in Athens, Greece. An 18k rose gold ring with two glaring lines the one covered with white diamonds, weighing 0.15 cts. White diamond is one of the hardest gemstones, is a symbol of forever love.
  • Chevalier parallèle


    surprising chevalier ring, one of our best sellers : a 18k yellow gold ring with two glaring lines, the one is dressed with white diamonds, weighting 0.08ct.
    White diamond is one of the hardest gemstones, is a symbol of forever love.

  • Double line diamond ring

    A surprising double ring made of 18k solid gold, it’s first line is dressed with champagne diamonds 0.05ct, the second line with a baguette cut diamond 0.05ct. The diamond is a symbol of light and radiance, is known as an emblem of purity and invincible spiritual power.
  • Diamond flower 18k yellow gold fine ring

    Wonderful on its simplicity 18k yellow gold ring with four mineral diamonds weighting 0.06 cts creating a flower. The diamond, in its rarity and beauty, is a symbol of love and fidelity, embracing us with its power.
  • Pavé white diamonds band


    a 18k white gold wide band paved with diamonds weight in total 1.26 cts.

  • Baby blue heart sapphire ring

    18k yellow gold brilliant ring : natural white diamonds total weight 0.11 cts. shoulder the heart shaped baby blue sapphire weighting 0.91 cts., creating a lasting piece of jewellery
  • Pearl ring

    stunning solitaire ring made of 18k rose gold with a button shaped pearl in pinkish white color and two white diamond on the sides, weight in total 0.06 cts. Pearl is a symbol of purity, loyalty and integrity.
  • Romantic red heart diamond ring

    romantic. 18k rose gold heart-shaped ring, red enamelled outline and white diamonds in the middle weighting 0.19 cts.
  • Rose enamel green tourmaline ring

    breathless multicolour oval gold ring : a 18k yellow gold pale pink enamelled ring with a natural green tourmaline in the middle, weighting 0.75 cts. and a natural white diamonds surrounding, total weight 0.09 cts.
  • Triple line bold ring


    A surprising spiral ring made of 18k yellow gold with three bold irregular lines dressed with natural white diamonds weighting 0.09 cts.