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  • Eleven diamond bar chain necklace

    18k white and rose gold chain necklace with a long bar design covered with white diamonds, weight 0.30 cts.
  • Three hanging stars diamond necklace

    18k rose gold necklace with a side bar with intricate patterns with diamonds and three rose gold stars hanging gracefully.
  • Nine diamond white chain necklace

    An easy-to-wear brilliant white diamond chain necklace: 18k white gold long chain with nine natural white diamonds weighting 0.24 cts. The birthstone of April diamond brings you balance, clarity and abundance.
  • Line bar necklace with diamonds and turquoise

    18k pink gold necklace with a long bar design covered with brown diamonds weight 0.20 cts. and an oval mineral turquoise eye design on the side with white diamond surrounding weight 0.06 cts. Impressive but at the same time discreet necklace with an slanting bar with mineral brown and white diamonds, an oval-shaped turquoise tied in a rose gold 18k chain
  • V 9 diamond chain necklace

    18k rose gold chain necklace with "V" minimalistic design dressed with nine white diamonds weight in total 0.26 cts.
  • Heart-key diamond necklace

    A magnificent 18k rose gold chain necklace with a heart-key charm and a clasp with a bar covered with diamonds weight 0.10 cts.
  • 8 star diamond necklace

    A magnificent rose gold 18k necklace with a diamond star weight 0.14 cts. in the center, five smaller golden stars to surround it and two more stars under it.
  • 7 brown diamond necklace

    18k yellow gold chain necklace with seven brown diamonds hanging, weight 0.20 cts.
  • Nine diamond chain

    An everyday luxury diamond jewellery: Yellow gold k18 necklace with nine mineral white diamonds 0.18 cts.