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  • Oval amethyst statement ring

    14k rose gold imposing ring with an oval- shaped amethyst of excellent quality, weighting 13.0 cts.
  • Emerald and sapphires triple ring

    A stunning custom made jewel this three stone ring from our new collection : made of 18k yellow gold with a central emerald on a vivid green natural colour, weighting 1.35 cts. and two baguette blue sapphires on the sides, weight in total 0.64 cts.
  • Blue topaz impressive ring


    Another surprising ring in 14k yellow gold from our 2022 collection with a natural blue topaz weighting 22.50 cts.!

    December’s birthstone blue topaz, is often associated with loyalty and love, this gem represents eternal romance.

  • Baby blue heart sapphire ring

    18k yellow gold brilliant ring : natural white diamonds total weight 0.11 cts. shoulder the heart shaped baby blue sapphire weighting 0.91 cts., creating a lasting piece of jewellery
  • Rose enamel green tourmaline ring

    breathless multicolour oval gold ring : a 18k yellow gold pale pink enamelled ring with a natural green tourmaline in the middle, weighting 0.75 cts. and a natural white diamonds surrounding, total weight 0.09 cts.
  • Mediterranean red coral ring

    stunning solitaire ring made of 18k yellow gold with a cushion cut red coral of excellent quality weighting 6.54 cts. and two white diamonds on the sides, weight in total 0.10 cts.
  • Octagonal chevalier ruby ring


    statement 18k yellow gold chevalier ring with a stunning baguette ruby in the middle weighting 0.24 cts., an off white enamel border and a brown diamonds surrounding, weight in total 0.17 cts.

  • Men’s black onyx signet ring

    classic style 14k yellow gold unisex ring with one square-shaped black onyx. Black Onyx gives you power to keep trying until you accomplish a goal
  • Square chevalier black diamond and emerald ring

    18k rose gold chevalier fine ring with a stunning rectangular emerald in the middle weighting 0.28 cts. surrounded by black diamonds in pave setting, weight in total 0.33 cts. Black diamonds are symbolising purity, love and eternity. Then, they're also thought to be a symbol of power, charisma, certainty, and passion.
  • Minimal emerald heart shape ring

    Glaring ring made from 18k yellow gold with a beautiful heart - shaped emerald weighting 0.23 cts. in the middle, surrounded by three gold lines ending at six white diamonds weight in total 0.05 cts. Emerald the birthstone of May, carries the rich green color of spring and radiates a beautiful vivid tone. It is considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love
  • Brown diamond fine ruby rind

    stunning solitaire ring made of 18k rose gold with one central baguette ruby weighting 0.67 cts. surrounded by champagne diamonds in pave setting, weight in total 1.68 cts.
  • Huge oval citrine gold ring


    statement 14k yellow gold ring with an oval-shaped citrine with intense yellow color shades, weighting 13,70 cts.