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  • Circle ruby charm pendant

    sweet chain necklace, a 14k yellow gold circular pendant with a ruby weighting 0.02 cts. set in a 14k yellow gold chain. The circle represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness and all cyclic movement.
  • Blue topaz drop pendant


    14k yellow gold elegant chain necklace with a drop-shaped blue topaz and zircons on the solid gold hoop.

  • Turquoise eye cameo pendant

    Charming hand carved turquoise 14k yellow gold pendant with a protective eye and a small pearl hanging on a 14k yellow gold chain.
  • Turquoise 5 stone tiny cross

    18k yellow gold cross-pendant with five round-shaped cushion cut turquoises weight in total 0.48 cts., set in a 18k yellow gold chain.
  • Labradorite-garnet cross pendant

    A unique handmade jewelry piece from the Greek designer Dolly Boucoyannis , four irregular shaped labradorites forming a cross pendant with a deep red garnet in the middle. The cross can be worn with a long chain or a long leather cord.
  • Tanzanite minimal chic pendant

    Minimal chic pendant with a deep sky blue tanzanite weight: 0.92 carats set in a 18k yellow gold chain.
  • Boho chick triangular eye pendant

    bohemian chic necklace: a 14k solid gold triangular eye pendant with a tsavorite in the center 0.007 cts. and a white freshwater pearl hanging to the side. Accompanied by a silver long chain, black rhodium plated.
  • Triangular turquoise and diamond eye pendant

    18k yellow gold necklace, a statement eye pendant with a round-shaped turquoise weighing 0.10 cts., surrounded by a white diamond outline weight in total 0.06 cts. with solid gold bars below on a trigonal design.
  • Square Aquamarine diamond pendant

    A 18k white gold chain necklace with a square aquamarine weight 0.47 cts. and natural white diamonds weight 0.04 cts. on a triangle design. As the first of the spring birthstones, aquamarine represents transformation and rebirth.
  • Emerald and diamond geometric pendant

    timeless 18k rose gold pendant with a vivid green emerald weight 0.24 cts. and a round white diamond on top weight 0.03 cts with a 18k rose gold chain.
  • Oval sapphire rosetta pendant

    A classic pendant with a beautiful oval sapphire surrounded by white diamonds in a yellow gold chain k18. An ideal engagement gift this sapphire necklace handcrafted in our workshop
  • Pink oval tourmaline pendant

    elegant pendant with a pink oval-shaped tourmaline weight: 0.74 carats set in a 18k yellow gold chain.