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  • Enameled turtle pendant with rubies

    Lovely turtle pendant made of 18k yellow gold with two rubies in the eyes weighting 0.02 cts., it's shell is covered with dark green enamel, all set in a 18k yellow gold chain.
  • Emerald heart-shaped pendant

    A lovely heart pendant made of white enamel and a central heart-shaped emerald all set in 18K yellow gold, with adjustable length 39.0-42.0 cm.
  • Golden fish pendant with blue sapphires

    Lovely 14k yellow gold fish pendant with seven natural blue sapphires weight in total 0.06 cts., set in a silver 925o chain, black rhodium plated.
  • Black sea pebble necklace with ruby, sapphire & tzavorite

    Sea pebble necklace, a black pebble accompanied by a ruby(0.03cts), a blue sapphire(0.01cts) and a tzavorite(0.02cts) all tied on 18K yellow gold hanging from a black plated silver chain.
  • Pineapple sea pebble necklace

    Summer Greek sea pebble necklace, a white pebble tied on 18k yellow gold with pineapple shape and a green tzavorite hanging from a black plated silver chain.
  • Cabochon aquamarine oval pendant with diamonds

    A stunning pendant from our gemstone collection, made of 18k rose gold with an oval-shaped cabochon aquamarine framed with diamonds weight in total 0.20 cts.
  • Diamond eye pendant with rubies & pink sapphires

    18k rose gold drop-shaped feminine charm, it's outline is surrounded by natural white diamonds weight in total 0.15 cts., pink sapphires weighting 0.08 cts., rubies weighting 0.03 cts. in the center and one natural diamond hanging under, set in a 18k rose gold adjustable chain.
  • Enamelled & ruby elephant chain necklace

    Grey enamel with pearl color shades elephant fine chain necklace, made of 18k yellow gold with ruby eyes weighting 0.02 cts. Adjustable length of the gold enamel elephant necklace: 15.35 - 16.5 inch. / 39.0 - 42.0 cm. To preserve its original appearance, systematic contact of the jewelry with soap, perfumes, body creams and similar chemicals must be avoided, in order not to alter the appearance of the enamel.
  • Pink Eye necklace with ruby and diamonds

    Lovely evil eye necklace made of 18K yellow gold, a pink enameled eye with dotted outline, a ruby (0.01cts) on the center surrounded by white diamonds (0.03cts). the length of the eye necklace adjusts at 39.0-42.0cm.
  • Blue sapphire heart pendant

    Lovely heart shaped pendant made of 18K rose gold with a central blue sapphire (0.31 cts) surrounded by blue enamel set on an 18k rose gold chain that adjusts at 41.5-38.5 cm.
  • Carved wavy turquoise round pendant

    18k yellow gold Turquoise pendant, a round carved turquoise (1.45 cts) with a central white diamond (0.02 cts) set on an 18K yellow gold adjustable chain.
  • Dangling evil eye pendant with diamonds & blue sapphires

    Dangling evil eye pendant made of 18k yellow gold, pearl white surface with blue sapphires and a central diamond. At the bottom of the evil eye pendant two diamond and three blue sapphire drops hanging.