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  • 14k yellow gold ring with enamel fish minimal design


    Elegant 14k yellow gold ring with an enamel sweet fish pattern in baby blue, white and black colors.
    A 14k yellow gold ring, that can be combined easily with your other jewelry on your everyday life.

  • Watermelon ring

    18K Yellow gold ring in green enamel and a deep pink square tourmaline in asscher cut weigthing 4.20 cts.(10,5*10,5mm). This fabulous Art Deco style ring has the freshness and the colors of the total summer fruit.
  • Romantic red heart diamond ring

    18k rose gold heart-shaped ring, with red enameled outline and white diamonds in the center weighting 0.19 cts.
  • Rose enamel green tourmaline ring

    breathless multicolour oval gold ring : a 18k yellow gold pale pink enameled ring with a natural green tourmaline in the middle, weighting 0.75 cts. and a natural white diamonds surrounding, total weight 0.09 cts.
  • Octagonal chevalier ruby ring

    Statement 18k yellow gold chevalier ring with a stunning baguette ruby in the middle weighting 0.24 cts., an off white enamel border and a brown diamonds surrounding, weight in total 0.17 cts.

  • Baguette diamond luxury chevalier oval ring


    Luxury chic chevalier 18k rose gold unisex oval-shaped ring with one white mineral baguette diamond weighting 0.17 cts. in the centre, black enamel and smaller diamonds surrounding (weight in total 0.24 cts.)

  • Turquoise enameled eye ring


    18k rose gold ring with an irregular shape turquoise enameled eye design with an outline of white diamonds weight in total 0.05 cts. and a blue diamond weighting 0.05 cts. in the center.

  • Mint green enameled band

    Minimal chic 18k rose gold ring dressed with a pearly-green enamel and four blue sapphires, weight in total 0.15 cts.
  • Pink enameled diamond band

    18k rose gold ring with four white diamonds weight in total 0.15 cts., fully dressed with pink enamel.
  • White enamel diamond band

    Pure white jewellery stunning piece : “three bands in one” 18k rose gold glaring wide ring with
    one diamond row at the middle weighting 0.22 cts. surrounded by two white enameled rows.
    80s style 18k pink gold band, an everyday luxury piece of jewelry made with care in our workshop in Athens, Greece.

  • Yellow enamel band

    18k yellow gold ring with four orange sapphires weight in total 0.15 cts., fully covered with yellow enamel.
  • Dark blue enameled eye ring

    Inspired from the clear sky on a summer night in a Greek island: 14k yellow gold ring with an enamel eye design in dark blue color with a white enamel circle and an enamel dot.