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  • Minimal elephant pendant

    Elegant elephant pendant made of 18k rose gold with a blue diamond on the eye weighting 0.015 cts. and white diamonds on the ear, weighting 0.03 cts, set in a 18k rose gold chain. The elephant is considered as a symbol of good fortune.
  • Diamond solitaire pendant

    classical 18k white gold round pendant with a white diamond in the centre weighting 0.16 cts. surrounded by a diamond outline weight in total 0.06 cts., set in a 18k white gold chain.
  • Red diamond heart egg pendant

    Glaring 18k yellow gold burgunty red enamel egg-shaped pendant with a heart at front full with natural diamonds. This 18k solid gold red diamond egg charm is sold without a chain.
  • Triangular turquoise and diamond eye pendant

    18k yellow gold necklace, a statement eye pendant with a round-shaped turquoise weighing 0.10 cts., surrounded by a white diamond outline weight in total 0.06 cts. with solid gold bars below on a trigonal design.
  • Square Aquamarine diamond pendant

    A 18k white gold chain necklace with a square aquamarine weight 0.47 cts. and natural white diamonds weight 0.04 cts. on a triangle design. As the first of the spring birthstones, aquamarine represents transformation and rebirth.
  • Brown diamonds peace symbol pendant

    a 18k rose gold round pendant with the symbol of peace dressed with brown diamonds weight 0.18 cts, set in a 18k rose gold chain.
  • Emerald and diamond geometric pendant

    timeless 18k rose gold pendant with a vivid green emerald weight 0.24 cts. and a round white diamond on top weight 0.03 cts with a 18k rose gold chain.
  • Drop shaped turquoise enameled eye

    18k rose gold drop-shaped pendant with an eye design: it's outline is surrounded by diamonds weight 0.06 cts., turquoise enamel and a red enamel dot in the center, set in a 18k rose gold adjustable chain.
  • Oval sapphire rosetta pendant

    A classic pendant with a beautiful oval sapphire surrounded by white diamonds in a yellow gold chain k18. An ideal engagement gift this sapphire necklace handcrafted in our workshop
  • Green enameled marquise eye pendant

    An impressive eye-shaped pendant made of 18 carats of yellow gold with eight white diamonds outline and one diamond in the middle, weight in total 0.07 carats and emerald green enamel background. Tied on a 18k solid gold chain, this fine 18k gold diamond necklace is surrounded by bright green enamel designed with rays on it's inner side.
  • Cobalt blue round enamel eye pendant

    A stylish necklace from our diamonds collection: 18k rose gold double sided round Eye pendant with a natural blue diamond in the center, white diamonds surrounding weight in total 0.10 cts. and cobalt blue enamel on the one side, design with stars on the other, tied on a 18k rose gold chain.
  • Rosetta pendant with ruby and diamonds

    timeless necklace in 18 carats yellow gold with a beautiful oval ruby weight 0.23 cts. accented with round brilliant cut diamonds, weight: 0.05 cts. color: G, Clarity: VS.