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  • Brown diamonds & natural ruby drops pair of earrings

    An elegant pair of 18k rose gold earrings with 100% natural brown diamonds (weighting 0.29cts.) and two 100% natural ruby drops (weight in total 0.46 cts. ) playfully hanging.
  • Brown diamond Flower Tattoo ring

    Statement 14k rose gold ring from our Tattoo collection with a flower design covered with brown diamonds of total weight 0.22 cts.
  • Parrot earrings with brown diamonds, tsavorites, green and blue enamel

    This beautiful pair of 18k yellow gold hoops with parrot elegant design covered with 100% natural brown diamonds weighting 0.68 cts., 100% natural tsavorites weight in total 0.02 cts. enamelled with blue and green colors. Pair of 18k solid gold diamond/ tsavorites bands with enamel in intense green and blue colours, custom made in our workshop in Athens.
  • Pink sapphire drop ring

    18k rose gold elegant ring with one natural pear-shaped pink sapphire weighting 0.16 cts. with brown diamonds on the sides, weight in total 0.10 cts. Pink sapphires are bringing good fortune, intense love and compassion. Their vibrant color has become quite popular for engagement rings as many modern weddings trend towards blush and baby pink color schemes.
  • Double drop ring with brown diamonds

    14k rose gold stunning ring with a minimalistic design of two drops covered with champagne brown diamonds weight in total : 0.25 cts. This precious diamond ring with drop design expresses purity and highlights warm emotions. Belongs to our tattoo collection, is made in our workshop in Athens, Greece. 18k pink gold ring with two diamond drops can be worn in a variety of ways: as a chevalier ring, on the middle finger or in a classic way.
  • Double line diamond ring

    One of our best sellers. Double line 14K rose gold ring. One line in solid rose gold and another parallel one covered with brown diamonds, of total weight 0.21 cts. The size of this ring is 49/ 4.75 US but can be made in any size upon request.
  • Drop shaped brown diamond ring

    Charming 18K yellow gold ring with 9 brown drop shaped diamonds of excellent quality, weighing 1.35 cts.
  • Double dot diamond ring


    Minimal and delicate golden ring in 18K rose gold with two seperated dots, one covered with white diamonds, in total weight 0,10ct, and another one smaller covered with brown diamonds, in total weight 0,05ct.

  • Double line diamond ring

    A surprising double ring made of 18k solid gold, it’s first line is dressed with champagne diamonds 0.05ct, the second line with a baguette cut diamond 0.05ct. The diamond is a symbol of light and radiance, is known as an emblem of purity and invincible spiritual power.
  • Brown diamond fine ruby rind

    Stunning chevalier ring made of 18k rose gold with a central baguette ruby, weighting 0.67 cts, surrounded by champagne diamonds in pave setting, weight in total 1.68 cts.
  • Snake brown diamonds ring

    18k rose gold ring with a snake minimal design dressed on top with natural brown diamonds weight in total 0.10 cts. and two natural ruby in the eyes, weighting 0.02 cts. Snakes are a popular theme in jewelry, symbolizing rebirth and the purity of the body.
  • Pear shaped emerald ring

    18k rose gold stackable ring made by hand with a natural pear-shaped emerald weighting 0.13 cts. in the middle, surrounded by natural brown diamonds weight in total 0.09 cts. Emerald the birthstone of May, carries the rich green color of Spring, radiates a beautiful vivid tone. It is considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love.