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  • Labradorite scarab chain bracelet with brown diamonds

    Labradorite scarab bracelet, a special unisex bracelet from our 2023 collection made of 14 karats of yellow gold, one carved natural labradorite weighting 9.5 cts. with natural brown diamonds on top, weight in total 0.20 cts.
  • Pearl chain bracelet

    Simple and elegant 14k yellow gold chain bracelet with a round white freshwater pearl of 10mm diameter.
  • Enamel eye chain bracelet

    Elegant 14k yelow gold chain bracelet with a black enameled evil eye with baby blue and blue center. The length of this chain bracelet is adjustable at 15.5-17.0 cm.
  • Turquoise and sapphires chain bracelet

    Elegant retro style chain link bracelet in 18k rose gold with a bar of turquoise enamel and blue sapphires, in total weight 0.24 cts, placed in line alternately. The size of this special bracelet can be adjustable in the desired length because of the links.
  • Round turquoise enameled eye bracelet

    Evil eye double sided bracelet in 14K yellow gold, an enamelled one and another covered with zircons. The little eye is accompanied by a tiny enamelled cross.
  • Oval eye enameled bracelet

    Evil eye chain bracelet in 14k yellow gold double sided. One with white and turquoise enamel and another one with zircons. The length of the bracelet is adjustable at 18.0-16.5 cm/ 7.08-6.49 inch.
  • Multi color drop chain bracelet

    18k yellow gold chain bracelet with colorful small agates in adjustable length 18,0-16,0cm/7.08-6.29inches. This delicate charm bracelet with rainbow colored agate drops is the perfect birthday gift easy to wear everyday that will get your loved ones delighted.
  • Pearl chain bracelet

    Discreet, elegant 18kt yellow gold bracelet with 9 pear shaped pearls in three sets of three. A very attractive bracelet that can be combined with other chain or solid bracelets.
  • Five diamond chain bracelet

    Everyday stunning diamond jewel : a 18k rose gold chain bracelet with five natural white diamonds, weighting 0.15 cts.
  • Pearly eye shaped diamond and emerald bracelet


    18k yellow gold statement chain bracelet with an impressive eye central charm, with a natural emerald weighting 0.07 cts. coated in pearl white enamel and a natural brown diamonds border, total weight 0.26 cts.

  • Guardian angel charm bracelet

    18k yellow gold chain bracelet with an angel protective charm and fine golden balls, some covered by light blue enamel.A gold jewelry with an angel is especially protective when you want to shield yourself and prevent yourself from gathering any unwanted negativity in any form. An easy-to-wear 18k solid gold, blue enamel bracelet, can be easily combined with your watch or your other bracelets.

  • 3ple eye rose gold small bracelet

    14k solid rose gold bracelet with three semi-transparent eye charms in a celestial blue color.