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  • Turquoise scarab pinky ring

    Gorgeous chevalier ring from our newest spring collection : a 18k yellow gold ring with one natural turquoise carved with a scarab weighting 9.58 cts. and natural white diamonds on the sides, weight in total 0.12 cts. The scarab beetle represents the eternal cycle of life. Like the dung beetle's revolving ball, the scarab became a symbol of birth, life, death and resurrection.
  • Chevalier ring two lines minimal design

    Surprising chevalier ring, one of our best sellers : a 18k yellow gold ring with two glaring lines, the one is dressed with white diamonds, weighting 0.08ct.
  • Square pinky ring

    14k yellow gold unisex ring with square-shaped dynamic design for the pinky finger. The square is associated with the number 4 and relates to the four elements of the physical world: earth, air, water and fire.
  • Octagonal chevalier ruby ring

    Statement 18k yellow gold chevalier ring with a stunning baguette ruby in the middle weighting 0.24 cts., an off white enamel border and a brown diamonds surrounding, weight in total 0.17 cts.

  • Men’s black onyx signet ring

    Classic style 14k yellow gold unisex ring with one square-shaped black onyx. Black Onyx gives you power to keep trying until you accomplish a goal
  • Square chevalier black diamond and emerald ring

    18k rose gold chevalier fine ring with a stunning rectangular emerald in the middle weighting 0.28 cts. surrounded by black diamonds in pave setting, weight in total 0.33 cts. Black diamonds are symbolising purity, love and eternity. Then, they're also thought to be a symbol of power, charisma, certainty, and passion.
  • Baguette diamond luxury chevalier oval ring


    Luxury chic chevalier 18k rose gold unisex oval-shaped ring with one white mineral baguette diamond weighting 0.17 cts. in the centre, black enamel and smaller diamonds surrounding (weight in total 0.24 cts.)

  • Brown diamond fine ruby rind

    Stunning chevalier ring made of 18k rose gold with a central baguette ruby, weighting 0.67 cts, surrounded by champagne diamonds in pave setting, weight in total 1.68 cts.
  • Bloodstone oval signet ring

    Classic style unisex ring made of 14k yellow gold with a green bloodstone engraved with two flying birds.
  • Beetle moonstone pinky ring

    Glowing orange moonstone weighting 9.58 cts. with a hand carved beetle and diamond trigonals on the sides weight in total 0.12 cts. on a 18k yellow gold chevalier ring.
  • Rose gold chevalier ring with brown diamonds

    Our bestseller 14k rose gold chevalier and not only ring, with a glaring line of champagne diamonds, weight in total 0.10ct
  • Midi diamond snake ring

    A chevalier or midi ring from our diamond collection: a 18k white gold ring with a snake fine design covered in white natural diamonds weighing 0.12 cts. and a mineral sapphire on its eye.