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  • Grainy small 18k yellow gold hoops with white diamond circular design

    Stylish pair of small hoop earrings in 18k yellow gold with an inverted grainy design with a white diamonds circle, weight in total 0.08 cts. The white diamond represents holiness and cleanliness. Earrings diameter: 1.2 cm. / 0.47 inch. Those grained hoops can be worn alone or combined with your other earrings.
  • Long double heart chain earring

    glorious 18k rose gold long single earring : two solid gold chains ending at two hearts at their finish. The one heart with a fine minimal design, the second one is covered with white diamonds and has one white diamond on top, total weight 0.15 cts.
  • Rose petals earrings

    A lovely pale pink pair of hand made solid gold earrings with natural oval shells and two white diamonds on the top 0,02ct

    Totally hand made by the Greek jewelry designer Dolly Boucoyannis

  • Diamond Huggies with heart-shaped emerald drops

    lovely pair of earrings: 18k yellow gold hoops dressed with natural white diamonds weighting 0.15 cts. and two detachable hanging heart - shaped natural emeralds weight in total 0.48 cts.
  • Oval diamond stud earrings

    Dynamic set of 14k yellow gold oval-shaped studs with two brilliant cut white diamonds, weighting 0.02 cts.
  • Busy bees stud earrings

    18k rose gold pair of stud earrings, two brilliant bees fully encrusted with white, black and yellow diamonds weight in total 0.20 cts. The wearing of a bee emblem symbolises a strong network of unconditional love and support. It is also thought to bring good luck, wealth and abundance to the wearer.
  • Bee single cuff earring


    18k rose gold cuff earring, one brilliant bee fully encrusted with white and black diamonds weight in total 0.06 cts. and tsavorites 0.06 cts.

  • 12 diamonds hoops earrings


    Glaring pair of 18k yellow gold hoops (diameter 1.2 cm./ 0.47 inch.)dressed with white diamonds weight in total 0.46 cts.

  • Cuff earring with white and champagne diamonds

    single wrap earring in 18k rose gold with one line of white diamonds, weighting 0.08 cts. and one line of brown diamonds weight in total 0.08 cts.
  • Snake wrap cuff single earring


    A unique snake design single wrap earring in 18k rose gold with white diamonds weight 0.04 cts.

  • Round brown diamond hoops

    Minimal chic small hoops of rose gold 14kt covered with brown diamonds 0.15ct. An easy to wear luxury pair of earrings.
  • Oval brown diamond hoops

    Minimal chic oval hoops of rose gold 14k covered with brown diam 0.12ct. An everyday luxury pair of earrings can be worn alone, either worn both on one ear or combined with many other earrings.