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  • Peace charm pendant

    a 18k white gold peace charm covered with white diamonds weight in total 0.19 cts. tied on a 18k white gold chain.
  • « U » minimal pendant

    18k rose gold chain necklace with a U-shaped design covered with white diamonds weight in total 0.09 cts. Impressive but at the same time discreet necklace with a dynamic geometrical design with mineral white diamonds
  • Minimal elephant pendant

    Elegant elephant pendant made of 18k rose gold with a blue diamond on the eye weighting 0.015 cts. and white diamonds on the ear, weighting 0.03 cts, set in a 18k rose gold chain. The elephant is considered as a symbol of good fortune.
  • Diamond solitaire pendant

    classical 18k white gold round pendant with a white diamond in the centre weighting 0.16 cts. surrounded by a diamond outline weight in total 0.06 cts., set in a 18k white gold chain.
  • Rosetta pendant with ruby and diamonds

    timeless necklace in 18 carats yellow gold with a beautiful oval ruby weight 0.23 cts. accented with round brilliant cut diamonds, weight: 0.05 cts. color: G, Clarity: VS.
  • “V” diamond pendant

    A rose gold 18k necklace with "V" minimalistic design dressed with diamonds 0.08 cts.
  • Happy elephant diamond pendant

    A happy elephant rose gold 18k pendant with brown diamonds 0.54 cts, a blue diamond on the eye 0.02 cts., rubies on the ear 0.27 cts .
  • Butterfly diamond pendant

    A rose gold 18k magical butterfly charm with white diamonds 0.09cts in pave setting, tied on a 18k rose gold fine chain.
  • Butterfly blue and white diamond pendant

    A rose gold 18k brilliant butterfly charm with white diamonds 0.03 cts. and blue diamonds 0.09 cts. on a 18k rose gold chain. Butterflies are one of the most magical and cherished creatures, and represent endurance, change and hope.
  • Busy bee diamond pendant

    A 18k rose gold bee covered with white diamonds 0.07 cts, black diamonds 0.07 cts and yellow diamonds 0.05 cts on a 18k rose gold chain.Bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since the ancient times.
  • Elegant 9 diamond pendant

    An elegant and discreet 18kt rose gold pendant dressed with high quality white brilliant cut diamonds tied on a 18kt rose gold fine chain.