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  • Transparent diamond Eye pendant

    Charming oval-shaped - eye design pendant in 14k yellow gold with a central diamond and diamonds on the side, total weight 0.048 cts. Solid gold minimal transparent evil eye chain necklace made in our workshop in Athens.
  • Queen bee diamond necklace

    A protective chain necklace made of 18k yellow gold with a queen bee pendant covered with mineral white and black diamonds total weight 0.19 cts., brown diamonds weighting 0.20 cts. and rubies weight in total 0.01 cts., set in a 18k yellow gold chain. The queen bee is known as the symbol of rebirth, good luck and prosperity.
  • Heart diamond necklace

    Stylish necklace made of 18 carats of rose gold dressed with natural white diamonds, weight in total : 0.36 cts. A diamond solid gold heart set in a 18k rose gold chain, handcrafted in MELIGreece's workshop in Athens. Two lengths of this romantic diamond heart chain necklace: 42.0 cm. / 16.5 inch. 38.0 cm. / 14.96 inch.
  • Fatima pendant with blue diamonds

    An impressive diamond 18k gold oriental pendant from MELIGreece's newest collection: a 18k rose gold "Fatima's hand" charm, a protective symbol dressed with blue diamonds weight in total 0.20 cts, set in a 18k rose gold long chain. The breathtaking blue color of those diamonds has made them extremely popular. A blue diamond represents truth, devotion, eternity and spirituality.
  • 11 diamond bar necklace


    18k white and rose gold chain necklace with a long bar design covered with white diamonds, total weight 0.26cts.
    Impressive but at the same time discreet necklace with an slanting bar with natural white diamonds tied in a 18k rose gold chain.

  • V 9 white diamonds necklace

    Luxury 18k yellow gold necklace, a V pendant covered with impressive white mineral diamonds of excellent quality and total weight 0.26 cts. Great to wear on itself or along with other golden necklace of our collection.
  • 9 diamond gold pendant

    Elegant,discreet but outstanding 18k yellow gold pendant with 9 white natural diamonds, of total weight 0.132cts., set irregulary. The pendant adjusts at 40.0-43.0 cm/15.748-16.929 inch.
  • Peace charm pendant

    a 18k white gold peace charm covered with white diamonds weight in total 0.19 cts. tied on a 18k white gold chain.
  • « U » minimal pendant

    18k rose gold chain necklace with a U-shaped design covered with white diamonds weight in total 0.09 cts. Impressive but at the same time discreet necklace with a dynamic geometrical design with mineral white diamonds
  • Minimal elephant pendant

    Elegant elephant pendant made of 18k rose gold with a blue diamond on the eye weighting 0.015 cts. and white diamonds on the ear, weighting 0.03 cts, set in a 18k rose gold chain. The elephant is considered as a symbol of good fortune.
  • Minimal long diamond rose gold cross

    Glaring 18k rose gold cross-pendant covered at front with white diamonds in pave setting weighting 0.14 cts. tied on a 18k rose gold adjustable chain.
  • Diamond solitaire pendant

    classical 18k white gold round pendant with a white diamond in the centre weighting 0.16 cts. surrounded by a diamond outline weight in total 0.06 cts., set in a 18k white gold chain.