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  • Amazonite long drop earrings

    Handmade pair of drop earrings made of amazonite beads and silver 925 by the Greek designer Tonia Makri.
  • Red and black eye earrings


    Elegant and discreet evil eye drop earrings in 14k yellow gold round hoops. The 18k yellow gold eye is set with micropave ruby in total weight 0.10 ct, white and black diamonds in total weight 0.02 ct/0.14 ct and two round pearls compile them.

  • Blue diamond eyes earrings

    Elegant and discreet evil eye drop earrings in 14k yellow gold round hoops. The 18k yellow gold eye is set with blue (0.11 cts), white (0.09 cts) and black ( 0.02 cts) diamonds and two hanging round pearls compile them.

  • Green pear shaped tourmaline drops on hoops

    Elegant pair of earrings: 14k rose gold hoops covered with two detachable hanging tourmalines in intense green color. October's birthstone green tourmaline inspires creativity. It is also attracts luck, success and prosperity.
  • Marquise-cut rubellite tourmalines on round hoops


    Passionate 14k rose gold drop earrings : a pair of round shaped hoops with two marquise-cut red tourmalines, weighting 1.10 cts.

    Red tourmaline is also known as rubellite tourmaline is a stone that is strong, vital and full of passion for love and life.

  • Tanzanite drops on ruby hoops

    colorful pair of drop earrings from our new collection for summer 2022 : 14k yellow gold hoops attired with rubies and two detachable hanging oval-shaped tanzanites in celestial blue colour, weighting 2.15 cts.
  • Two stone amethyst impressive earrings

    stunning pair of custom made drop earrings: 14k rose gold playfully earrings with two rectangular lavender amethysts at the top and two amethysts in intense purple colour at the bottom.
  • Romantic rock crystal carved earrings

    dazzling pair of earrings: two 14k yellow gold oval shaped rock crystals engraved with flying birds theme and two rubies hanging, set in two 18k yellow gold oval discreet hoops dressed with white diamonds weighting 0.15 cts.
  • Sapphire drop earrings on round hoops

    classic style yellow gold 14k earrings, two hoops with two detachable hanging sapphire drops, weighting 0.55 cts. The 14k golden hoops can be worn comfortably on their own! Adding them the two sapphires with their 14k yellow gold loops compose a stylish pair of jewelry for everyday life.
  • Set of two mineral tourmalines

    Lovely mineral multicolor tourmalines set of two, detachable charms dressed in solid gold k14 for dangling hoops earrings. Available in four colours, pink, blue, olive green and yellow (visible at the photos).

  • Diamond tiny hoops with drop-shaped olive green tourmalines.

    Great pair of earrings: 18k rose gold tiny hoops covered with white diamonds and two detachable hanging olive green tourmalines or pink Tiny 18k pink gold earrings with white natural diamonds weighing 0.15 cts. and two tear drop olive green tourmalines 0.70 cts are handcrafted in our workshop in Athens