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  • 14k yellow gold ring with enamel fish minimal design


    Elegant 14k yellow gold ring with an enamel sweet fish pattern in baby blue, white and black colors.
    A 14k yellow gold ring, that can be combined easily with your other jewelry on your everyday life.

  • Turquoise and sapphires chain bracelet

    Elegant retro style chain link bracelet in 18k rose gold with a bar of turquoise enamel and blue sapphires, in total weight 0.24 cts, placed in line alternately. The size of this special bracelet can be adjustable in the desired length because of the links.
  • Tiny baby pink heart pendant

    Lovely tiny eye shaped pendant with a perfect little heart on it, in 14K yellow gold covered with baby pink and white enamel.
  • Tiny baby blue heart pendant

    Beautiful tiny eye shaped 14K yellow gold pendant with a lovely little heart on it in baby blue and white enamel.
  • Turquoise enameled eye ring


    18k rose gold ring with an irregular shape turquoise enameled eye design with an outline of white diamonds weight in total 0.05 cts. and a blue diamond weighting 0.05 cts. in the center.

  • Orange enameled gold egg pendant


    impressive 18k yellow gold egg-shaped pendant with enamel plaid front design in warm orange colour with brown hues.

    This 18k solid gold orange egg charm is sold without a chain.

  • Red diamond heart egg pendant

    Glaring 18k yellow gold burgunty red enamel egg-shaped pendant with a heart at front full with natural diamonds. This 18k solid gold red diamond egg charm is sold without a chain.
  • Oriental evil eye enameled ring

    18k rose gold ring with an oriental eye design covered with white diamonds 0.03 cts. and a black diamond 0.01 cts. in the center, round turquoise enamel background.
  • Round eye design enameled ring

    A beautiful rose gold k14 ring band with an enamel eye round pattern in the center with white, baby blue and black colors.
  • Circle half diamond earrings

    An impressive pair of circle earrings in rose gold k18 with an inverted minimalist design, dressed in half with white diamonds and black enamel on the other half. A different proposal in hoop earrings.
  • Oval Madonna bracelet

    Gorgeous rose gold kt18 bracelet : an oval pendant with a golden Virgin Mary in the center, surrounded by a bright blue enamel and a glaring border from tsavorites weight 0.11 cts.
  • Turqoise enameled eye bracelet

    A stunning 18kt rose gold bracelet with a long eye minimal design coated in turquoise enamel with a natural diamond 0.03ct in its center.