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  • Transparent Evil eye necklace with a malachite quartz

    A beautiful charm necklace, a transparent evil eye with a round malachite quartz in the middle tied on an ornate chain, all set in yellow gold plated silver 925o.
  • Sunrays evil eye pendant with a green quartz

    A lovely sunrays evil eye charm pendant made of yellow gold plated silver 925o and a green quartz in the middle. Totally handmade by Tonia Makri.
  • Blue topaz evil eye necklace

    A lovely evil eye necklace made of yellow gold plated silver 925ο with a blue topaz quartz in the middle and a ruby, set on an apatite beads necklace.
  • Olive-green boho evil eye necklace with pearl drops

    Boho design evil eye necklace, a crystal evil eye oil handpainted in olive green color set on yellow gold plated silver 925o tied ona beaded necklace.
  • Brunette evil eye necklace with hematite

    Brunette evil eye necklace, an oil handpainted crystal evil eye set on yellow gold plated silver 925o tied on a hematite beaded necklace.
  • Lapis lazuli handpainted evil eye pendant

    A beautiful ornate evil eye oil handpainted pendant, tied on yellow gold plated silver 925o set on a lapis lazuli beaded necklace.
  • Triangle eye pendant set on lapis lazuli

    Unisex triangle engraved eye pendant made of silver 925o in black rhodium set on a lapis lazuli beaded necklace with total length 70.0 cm. On the center of the engraved eye a blue zircon.
  • Diamond eye pendant with rubies & pink sapphires

    18k rose gold drop-shaped feminine charm, it's outline is surrounded by natural white diamonds weight in total 0.15 cts., pink sapphires weighting 0.08 cts., rubies weighting 0.03 cts. in the center and one natural diamond hanging under, set in a 18k rose gold adjustable chain.
  • Transparent diamond Eye pendant

    Charming oval-shaped - eye design pendant in 14k yellow gold with a central diamond and diamonds on the side, total weight 0.048 cts. Solid gold minimal transparent evil eye chain necklace made in our workshop in Athens.
  • Pink Eye necklace with ruby and diamonds

    Lovely evil eye necklace made of 18K yellow gold, a pink enameled eye with dotted outline, a ruby (0.01cts) on the center surrounded by white diamonds (0.03cts). the length of the eye necklace adjusts at 39.0-42.0cm.
  • Dangling evil eye pendant with diamonds & blue sapphires

    Dangling evil eye pendant made of 18k yellow gold, pearl white surface with blue sapphires and a central diamond. At the bottom of the evil eye pendant two diamond and three blue sapphire drops hanging.
  • Paper clip chain necklace with an Eye pendant

    Ornate 18k yellow gold evil eye necklace. An evil eye pendant made of carved mother of pearl, a central emerald, of total weight 0.10 cts, and three white diamonds at the bottom, of total weight 0.07 cts, hanging from a paper clip chain.