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  • Green amethyst drop earrings

    An impressive pair of drop earrings made of 14k rose gold with two natural light green round-shaped amethysts of exceptional clarity hanging.
  • Triple multi colored stones earrings

    Triple multi silver 925o yellow gold plated earring in water colors, two oval shaped blue topazes, two oval amazonites and two oval green amethysts elegantly combined.
  • Huge oval green amethyst ring

    Statement 14k rose gold ring with an oval-shaped amethyst with light green color shades, weighting 10.90 cts.

  • Green amethyst rose cut earrings

    A stunning pair of 14k rose gold earrings with two round rose cut green amethysts and round tourmalines on top. Solid gold charming earrings with mineral amethyst big drops with bright light green hues and natural tourmalines ending on a rose gold ear wire closure.

  • Aqua-green amethyst earrings

    18k yellow gold dangle and drop earrings, black platinum plated with two rectangular green Amethyst weighting 4.75 cts. (dimension: 9.0 * 7.0 mm.) and two trilion Aquamarines hanging, weighting 4.18 cts. (dimensions: 10.0 * 10.0 mm.).