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  • Lapis lazuli summer bracelet

    Inspired from the island of Crete, a beautiful unisex bohemian style bracelet with lapis lazuli beads, one natural pearl and one 14k yellow gold bead, ending with a macrame adjustable closure. Lapis lazuli is the birthstone of December. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. An easy-to-wear bracelet for this summer in bright blue, gold and white colors made by hand in Athens, Greece. Greek summer vibes lovely bracelet fasten with an adjustable macrame closure.
  • Pearl & bar summer bracelet

    Women’s / teen girl's freshly bracelet, one silver 925o bar with turquoise zircons, rose gold plated, surrounded by natural pearls and silver beads ending on a macrame adjustable closure. Zircon, September's birthstone is symbolising wisdom, prosperity, and confidence. An everyday white pearl bracelet with a sterling silver zircons bar at the center, custom made in our workshop in Athens, Greece.
  • Rhodonite summer bracelet

    Unique bohemian bracelet with pink rhodonite gemstones, one 14k solid gold round bead and a white pearl, ends on an adjustable macrame closure. The name rhodonite comes from rhodos, the Greek word for rose, referring to the stone's distinct pink or rose red color. Some rhodonite stones display beautiful black veins or patches within the stone. An easy-to-wear natural pink gemstone women's / teen girl's bracelet with a 14k yellow gold bead and one white pearl, custom made at our workshop in Athens.
  • Turquoise summer bracelet

    Greek memoire bracelet with beautiful beaded turquoise stones, one 14k yellow gold round bead and a white pearl, ends on an adjustable macrame closure. Turquoise, a popular gemstone which is bringing luck, peace, and protection. It is one of the birthstones associated with the month of December. An easy-to-wear natural blue gemstone women's / teen girl's bracelet with a 14k yellow gold bead and one natural pearl, custom made at our workshop in Athens, Greece.
  • Ruby half tennis bracelet with cord

    unisex luxury bracelet : a 18k yellow gold long bar covered with natural rubies total weight 0.46 cts. ending in a black cord. An elegant half tennis ruby bracelet tied with 18k yellow gold, made by hand in our workshop in Athens, Greece.
  • White diamonds cord tennis bracelet

    Luxury 18k yellow gold unisex bracelet with twenty white diamonds weight in total: 0.28 cts. quality: VS purity and color G, ending in a light green cord. An elegant tennis bracelet with natural white diamonds tied with 18 carats of solid gold, hand made in our workshop in Athens.
  • Black diamond cord tennis bracelet


    Glamorous half tennis bracelet with black diamonds 0.22ct dressed
    in pink gold 18kt in a fine light gray cord. Diamond tennis bracelet
    can be worn alone for a luxurious minimalist effect or easily combined
    with your othr jewelry.

  • Rainbow cord tennis bracelet

    Unisex 18kt rose gold luxury bracelet with colorful sapphires and rubies ending in a gray cord.An easy- to- wear piece of multicolor jewelry, instead of a chain the bracelet closes with an adjustable gray macrame closure.