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  • Malachite and onyx man’s bracelet

    Malachite and black onyx men's bracelet with silver 925o details in black cord and macrame adjustable closure.
  • Men’s gray hematite beaded orange bracelet

    Bohemian men's double orange cord bracelet with hematite beaded stone, closes with an enamel orange closure.
  • Hematite men’s bracelet with enameled Eye on top & a lapis lazuli bead

    An elegant men's bracelet with mat faceted hematite stones, one bead of lapis lazuli and a silver enamel Eye in cobalt blue and gray color, black rhodium plated.
  • Silver Eye men’s bracelet in gray double cord

    Double cord men’s bracelet with a silver eye pattern with dark red, gray enamel details. An easy-to-wear bracelet with a minimal silver eye design made by hand in Athens, Greece. Men’s bracelet fasten with a silver non-adjustable round red enamel on top, closure.
  • Lover’s knot unisex silver bracelet

    Stylish unisex bracelet with a wide lover’s knot made of a silver 925 with black rhodium platimum, tied on a black cord. An easy-to-wear cuff bracelet symbolizing the bond between two lovers also is named: lover’s knot jewelry. Minimal design silver long bow on a black cord cuff with an adjustable macrame closure.

  • Men’s black onyx double-sided silver bracelet with a cross & eye design

    Elegant men’s bracelet with black onyx mineral beads, a hawlite bead and a double-sided silver round pendant on top, black rhodium plated. An easy-to-wear black onyx bracelet with a cross and an eye design on its silver pendant made by hand

  • Men’s Lapis lazuli & hematite double bracelet

    Double cord men’s bracelet with lapis lazuli beads and mat hematite ending with a silver clasp closure.
    An easy-to-wear bracelet with a minimal macramé design in blue and gray colors made by hand

  • Men’s silver eternity symbol bracelet

    Beautiful on its simplicity silver infinity symbol black rhodium plated, tied on a long cord bracelet. Men’s / boy’s easy-to-wear double cord bracelet with silver in olive green color fasten with a turquoise enamelled on top, round clasp. The infinity symbol, a figure eight on its side, variously signifies the concept of limitlessness or eternity, especially as used notationally in mathematics and metaphorically with respect to love.
  • Men’s gray hematite bracelet with silver compass

    Men's bracelet made of dark gray hematite mineral stones, an enamel blue bead and a silver compass pendant with enamel details.
  • Men’s silver wide bar on a brown/ burgunty leather cuff bracelet

    Minimal men's bracelet: it consists of a wider brown leather rope with a long bar made of 925 silver surrounded by two thinner leather ropes in burgundy color. Lovely leather silver bracelet in dark brown and cherry color tones with an adjustable leather closure.
  • Men’s black onyx red/ black macramé bracelet

    Double cord men's bracelet with black onyx beads and a silver clasp, black rhodium plated. An easy-to-wear bracelet with a minimal macramé design in red- black colors made by hand