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  • Large single tattoo ring


    stunning 18k white gold ring dressed with white diamonds, weight 0.35 cts. This white gold diamond fine ring belongs to our Tattoo Collection, can be combined with the matching Tattoo 18k diamond bracelet

  • Brown diamond dot band

    stackable lasting ring in 18k solid gold, fully encrusted with brown round diamonds 0.14 cts.
  • Midi diamond snake ring

    A chevalier or midi ring from our diamond collection: a 18k white gold ring with a snake fine design covered in white natural diamonds weighing 0.12 cts. and a mineral sapphire on its eye.
  • Double line stylish diamond ring


    A stunning 18k rose gold ring with two glaring lines the one covered with white diamonds, weighing 0.15 cts.

  • Sapphire and diamond round eye ring


    fabulous chevalier ring 18k yellow gold with a round-shaped eye fully encrusted with blue sapphires weighing 0.13 cts. and white diamonds, weight in total 0.16 cts.

  • Tiny snake black diamond ring


    18k rose gold ring with a tiny snake dressed with natural black diamonds 0,07ct and a natural ruby 0,01ct in the eye.
    Snakes are a polular theme in jewelry, symbolizing rebirth and purity of the body.

  • Square shape solitaire diamond ring


    18k white gold timeless ring with a central round diamond weighting 0.23 cts. with a diamond square outline of 0.07 cts.
    Diamond is an emblem of light, purity and perfection, of invincible spiritual power. The gemstone of committment, faithfulness and promise.

  • Diamond solitaire yellow gold ring


    18k yellow gold ring with a central round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by twenty smaller diamonds on both sides, weight in total 0.13 cts.
    A timeless ring which stands out in our collection:

  • Diamond bow ring

    Minimal chic ring in 18k white gold with a white diamond bow, weight in total 0.08 cts. A great suggestion this 18k white gold diamond jewelry for an anniversary gift or just a surprise gift expressing your love.
  • Pink enameled diamond band

    18k rose gold ring with four white diamonds weight in total 0.15 cts., fully dressed with pink enamel.
  • Criss cross sapphire drop ring


    Criss cross shape ring made from 18k rose gold with an alluring drop shape blue sapphire weight: 0.26 cts. and one line of natural white diamonds, weight: 0.11 cts.

  • Curved blue diamond ring

    curve shape 18k rose gold ring dressed with blue diamonds on the one side, weight in total 0.16 cts.