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  • Lemon quartz and peridot double earrings

    14k yellow gold playfully earrings with two oval lemon quartz at the top weighting 9.40 cts. and two round peridots at the bottom, weight 1.70 cts. Peridot a deep yellowish-green transparent variety of stone is protective against difficulties and negativity. The lemon quartz crystal is known also as Sun Stone, it is believed to filter out distractions, aid concentration and open memory. 14k yellow gold pair of stylish peridot / quartz earrings, hand made in our workshop in Athens, Greece.
  • Iolite and citrine double earrings

    14k yellow gold discreet dangle earrings with two rectangular Iolites weighting 1.00 ct. and two trilion citrines, weighting 1.5 cts. playfully hanging with a rich yellow color. Easy-to-wear stylish small size colourful gemstone earrings, custom made in our workshop in Athens, Greece.
  • Two stones Candy earrings


    stunning pair of custom made jewellery: 14k yellow gold long earrings with four colourful natural gemstones: two oval- shaped light yellow citrine on the top (dimensions 6.0 * 8.0 mm.) and two round-shaped light purple amethyst (diameter 12.0 mm.)

  • Elephant golden hoops

    Sweetest yellow gold 14k earrings, two hoops with two detachable hanging elephants yellow gold k14 with a diamond and a ruby eye. The golden 14k hoops can be worn comfortably on their own! Adding them the two k14 golden elephants with their 14k yellow gold loops compose a stylish pair of jewelry for everyday life.