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  • Emerald heart-shaped pendant

    A lovely heart pendant made of white enamel and a central heart-shaped emerald all set in 18K yellow gold, with adjustable length 39.0-42.0 cm.
  • Blue sapphire heart pendant

    Lovely heart shaped pendant made of 18K rose gold with a central blue sapphire (0.31 cts) surrounded by blue enamel set on an 18k rose gold chain that adjusts at 41.5-38.5 cm.
  • White enamel & diamonds heart pendant

    Beautiful romantic chain necklace from our 2023 collection: one 18k yellow gold heart-shaped pendant covered with white enamel and natural diamonds on the left side, weight in total 0.03 cts., tied on a 18k yellow gold chain.
  • Tiny baby pink heart pendant

    Lovely tiny eye shaped pendant with a perfect little heart on it, in 14K yellow gold covered with baby pink and white enamel.
  • Tiny baby blue heart pendant

    Beautiful tiny eye shaped 14K yellow gold pendant with a lovely little heart on it in baby blue and white enamel.
  • Emerald and heart pendant

    A magnificent 18k yellow gold chain necklace with a natural heart- shaped emerald at the top weighting 0.26 cts., a natural diamond hanging and a diamond heart under it, weight in total 0.05 cts. 18k solid gold Valentines necklace tying with a minimalist solid gold lobster claw.
  • Heart shaped emerald and diamond necklace

    Ηeart-shaped emerald weighting 0.26 cts. and six diamonds brilliant pendant on a long chain all made of 18 carats of yellow gold.
  • Black enamel ruby pendant


    stylish necklace made of 18 carats of rose gold, a black enamelled circle with one beautiful heart- shaped ruby weighting 0.36 cts. accented with two diamonds, weight in total : 0.02 cts.

  • Emerald heart shaped diamond pendant

    Charming necklace made from 18k yellow gold, a minimalistic pendant with a natural heart- shaped emerald weighting 0.26 cts. surrounded by five white diamonds weight in total 0.06 cts. Emerald is symbolising fidelity and true love.
  • Orange heart shape romantic sapphire

    Romantic pendant in 14k rose gold with an orange sapphire weight: 1.55 carats set in a 14k rose gold chain.
  • Heart-key diamond necklace

    A magnificent 18k rose gold chain necklace with a heart-key charm and a clasp with a bar covered with diamonds weight 0.10 cts.
  • Heart blue topaz retro chain necklace

    Stylish pendant with a stunning heart shaped blue topaz 1.34 cts. in the center tied on a 14k solid gold retro thick chain. November's birthstone, the topaz, symbolizes love and affection