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  • Sale! photoroom 20211115 175035

    Small 2022 lucky charm

    Yellow or rose plated brass necklace lucky charm 2022 set in black adjustable cord.
  • Oval coin 2022 charm bracelet

    Lucky charm bracetet 2022 on silver 925o gold plated or plain set in cord.
  • Aladdin’s lamp charm 2022

    Lucky charm pendant 2022 18kt yellow gold in brass set on black rhodium chain in brass and a green zirconium.
  • 2022 New Year’s silver enameled amulet

    Lovely silver 925 good luck charm for the New Year to come set in colorful cords with macrame adjustable closure. Happy holiday bracelet gift for your loved ones with a sterling silver enameled"twenty two", available with yellow gold, rose gold or black rhodium platinum.
  • 2022 thunder lucky bracelet

    2022 Lucky charm bracelet made of brass and black cord with macrame closure.
  • Minimal 2022 macramé bracelets

    elegant unisex macrame bracelet with a " 22" lucky charm bringing good vibes for the year to come. Available yellow, rose and white plated.
  • Square colorful 2022 lucky bracelets

    Lucky charm 2022 bracelets made of enameled brass in multiple colors with macrame closure.
  • 2022 music note charm pendant

    2022 Lucky charm music note pendant made of rose and white gold plated brass on adjustable black cord.
  • 2022 bold charm pendant

    2022 bold charm made of brass on a long black cord.