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  • Diamond eye pendant with rubies & pink sapphires

    18k rose gold drop-shaped feminine charm, it's outline is surrounded by natural white diamonds weight in total 0.15 cts., pink sapphires weighting 0.08 cts., rubies weighting 0.03 cts. in the center and one natural diamond hanging under, set in a 18k rose gold adjustable chain.
  • Double flower ring

    Beautiful double flower ring made of 18K yellow gold, pear shaped emeralds and blue sapphires and a white diamond.
  • Four stone multicoloured long earrings

    Impressive multicoloured long earrings made of yellow gold plated silver 925o and four oval shaped natural coloured gemstones in pastel shades: amethyst, green amethyst, citrine & blue topaz. Ideal pair of earrings for springtime.
  • Multistone golden cuff bracelet

    Stunning cuff bracelet made in our workshop from 18k yellow gold with a pear-shaped deep fuschia rodolite in the center weighting 1.10 cts., two oval-shaped tanzanites weighting 1.75 cts. and two oval-shaped pink tourmalines weight in total 2.10 cts. Diameter of solid gold multicolor bracelet : 6.0 cm. / 2.36 inch.
  • Pearly eye shaped diamond and emerald bracelet


    18k yellow gold statement chain bracelet with an impressive eye central charm, with a natural emerald weighting 0.07 cts. coated in pearl white enamel and a natural brown diamonds border, total weight 0.26 cts.

  • Turtle stud tsavorite earrings


    Lovely stud earrings with turtle design made of 18k rose gold covered with tsavorites weight in total 0.12 cts., white diamonds weighting 0.05 cts. and rubies in their eyes weighting 0.01 cts.
    The turtle is a figure with sacred symbolism as it represents Mother Earth, it symbolizes good health and long life.

  • Rainbow minimalistic ring

    18k solid gold two lines design ring dressed in one line with multi color gemstones tsavorites, rubies and sapphires weight in total 0.20 cts. and in the other wavy line one diamond 0.03 cts.
  • Circle multi color sapphire pendant

    18k yellow gold circular pendant covered with multi color sapphires weight: 0.10 cts, rubies weight: 0.06 cts. and tsavorites weight: 0.06 cts. The circle represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness and all cyclic movement.
  • Rainbow chain 4 stone necklace

    A stylish rose gold chain necklace made of 18k solid gold with a rainbow – four gemstone pendant:
    It consists a blue-green carre aquamarine weight 0.54 cts., a citrine trilion weight 0.38 cts., an Iolite baguette weight 0.50 cts. and an oval tourmaline weight 0.75 cts.

  • Multi gemstone band with diamonds

    18k yellow gold multi gemstone band: diamonds 0.17 cts., sapphires 0.47 cts. and semi precious stones – peridot, amethyst and citrin 3.24 cts

  • Gemstone trilogy/diamond ring

    A fascinating 18k yellow gold ring with a trilogy of mineral gemstones and two diamonds. An emerald weight: 0.11 cts., a ruby ​​weight: 0.18 cts. and a blue sapphire weight:0.16 cts with two white diamonds weight: 0.05 cts. coexist on the 2.0 cm. surface of this solid gold 18k ring.
  • Beetle multi-stone pendant

    A rose gold 18k beetle magnificent pendant with brown diamonds 0.11ct in the center, tsavorites 0.20 cts. and one ruby 0.02 cts on a rose gold k18 long chain.