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  • Yellow sapphire rectangular ring

    Αn inspiring ring made of 18k yellow gold with a natural baguette cut sapphire in yellow colour, weighting 0.42 cts. Yellow sapphire represents divine grace and power.
  • Pink sapphire drop ring

    18k rose gold elegant ring with one natural pear-shaped pink sapphire weighting 0.16 cts. with brown diamonds on the sides, weight in total 0.10 cts. Pink sapphires are bringing good fortune, intense love and compassion. Their vibrant color has become quite popular for engagement rings as many modern weddings trend towards blush and baby pink color schemes.
  • Multi color irregular sapphire ring

    Lovely charming 18K yellow gold ring covered with multi color pinkish sapphires of irregular shape, in total weight 6.65 cts.

  • Wavy pink sapphire ring

    18k rose gold solid ring in wavy shape with a line of white diamonds 0,10ct , 5 oval pink sapphires 1,25ct and smaller rubies 0,08ct between the stones.
  • Square princess cut pink sapphires & diamond ring

    Timeless 18k white gold ring with four square, princess cut pink sapphires with invisible setting, weight in total: 1.00 cts. with a white diamond brilliant cut outline, in total weight: 0.57 cts.
  • Heart shaped baby blue sapphire ring

    18k yellow gold brilliant ring : natural white diamonds total weight 0.11 cts. shoulder the heart shaped baby blue sapphire weighting 0.91 cts., creating a lasting piece of jewellery
  • Rainbow multi color sapphire band


    18k pink gold rainbow brilliant ring, fully encrusted with sapphires in shades of green, blue, purple, orange and yellow colors in total weight of 1,20ct

  • Pink sapphires and diamond band

    18k rose gold minimal chic ring with a central white diamond weighting 0.03 cts. and pink sapphires on the sides, weight in total 0.10 cts.
  • Criss cross sapphire drop ring

    Criss cross shape ring made from 18k rose gold with an alluring drop shape blue sapphire weight: 0.26 cts. and one line of natural white diamonds, weight: 0.11 cts.

  • Yellow enamel band

    18k yellow gold ring with four orange sapphires weight in total 0.15 cts., fully covered with yellow enamel.
  • Blue sapphire Rosetta ring

    Romantic rosetta ring made from 18k yellow gold with an alluring oval-shaped blue sapphire in the middle weight: 0.30 cts., surrounded by natural white diamonds, weight: 0.06 cts. Dimensions of the sapphire/ diamond rosetta: 5.5 * 6.3 mm. / 2.16 * 2.48 inch. This sapphire diamond ring ​​is ideal for a promise ring or for a precious gift on a Valentine’s Day!

  • Yellow sapphires ring band

    A yellow gold 18k wide ring band paved with three rows of yellow sapphires weight 2.50 cts. This jewelry is a great suggestion for an anniversary gift or for a just a spontaneous gift expressign your love!